Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Academy Security Training in Firearms Instructor for Northern California

Company is looking for BSIS-licensed firearms instructor as partner in San Francisco/Sacramento area. Send queries by email only, to Thank you.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

TJ Johnston has NRA Pistol Certified Instructor Course March 28-29

Find out more at his website here:

TJ can be reached at 714-744-4455

TJ is the leading NRA Master Training Counselor in Southern California and is highly recommended by this site.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Site for Concealed Firearms Instructors

Their forums aren't too busy right now. But the concept for the subject matter is definitely very viable:

Check it out:

Sunday, January 20, 2008

TJ has NRA/PPITH Instructor Course Jan 25 - 27

"Personal Protection In The Home" instructor training and certification. You need to be a Certified Pistol Instructor for this course. This course is offered by TJ Johnston, the renowned NRA Training Counselor in Southern California.

Here's his schedule:

Sunday, March 18, 2007

More on California Security Guard Training Business

There's a lot to consider when establishing a business training security guards. Requirements vary by state, of course. Here in California, we have to work with the state's Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. There are a number of applications that need to be completed and fees that have to be paid.

After that's done, you need to accumulate all your educational material that make up your curriculum. All that needs to be approved by BSIS. The basic 8-hour course called Powers To Arrest is available for free (thank Goodness!) directly from the BSIS web site.

Then, you need a location. As many here already know, it's tough in California to get permission for having firearms on the premises. For this business, you can get by without it. Most of the courses, and probably 95% of the business, doesn't require firearms. For firearms permits, qualifications and requalifications, you can use a nearby range. That's my approach.

Here's that business. It's called Academy Firearms & Security Training.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Security Guard Training

I've tried the civilian training market and it's a tough one to make a living with. Some instructors who are savvy and experienced, with connections, can work the law enforcement market. But those are prime gigs for a select few.

Another field to look into is training for security guards. In California, since passing bill AB 2880, security guards have a requirement to obtain 40 hours of training initially and an additional 8 hours training per year. That's for non-firearms training. Obtaining a firearms permit is optional for a guard, and more training is required in order to obtain that permit. In addition, the guard needs to requalify biannually.

In order to provide this training in California, a training provider needs to register as a training facility with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). The actual instructor needs to register as a certified instructor --- either a baton or firearms instructor. Once a business is certified by BSIS as a facility and has a BSIS certified instructor, it is ready to operate a training business to meet the needs of the security guard occupation in California.

Here's a description from the BSIS of the training requirement:

Here's information about establishing a training facility with the BSIS:

I haven't yet established that business but will soon. Here's my webpage with a pre-announcement: California Security Guard Training

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Firearms Instructor Wanted - Automation Precision Technology, Norfolk Virginia

These positions are few and far between, and if you really want such a job working for somebody, you have to be willing to go to a different part of the country. Here's one posted recelty in the East Coast. $20 - $25/hour, not bad for the type of work, but it's only part-time.


Seeking trained and experienced Instructors with expertise in one or more of the following disciplines: Law Enforcement, Firearms, US Navy Force Protection (i.e. Armed Sentry Course-ASC), Shipboard Security Engagement Weapons (SSEW), Security Forces and/or Defensive Tactics. Candidates will teach a variety of courses. Will be responsible for curriculum development, instruction, and assessment.


Candidates must have attended and successfully completed basic ior general nstructor school courses through one of the branches of the military (example Navy 9502) or the General Instructor certification with DCJS.

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